A positive impact with continual improvement

Business Strategies

Lansdowne Warwick offer expert environmental consultancy to assess business impacts and develop objectives and targets. Sustainability is increasingly being integrated into business planning for compliance as well as to balance the recognised benefits that can support other strategies and lead to improved performance and increased employee engagement.

Companies need to consider increased regulation together with opportunities to improve efficiency and save unnecessary costs,  protect and enhance the brand and ensure competitiveness.

Lansdowne Warwick work with organisations to develop frameworks that assess the risks,  identify the activities that result in high carbon emissions and significant environmental impacts, and offer bespoke strategies to create meaningful objectives and targets. The programme can integrate into the business, processes and supply chains and can lead to measurable improvements.

A well rounded organisation that considers its impacts on the planet and has its staff and other stakeholder’s wellbeing at the forefront of policy making will ensure a healthier environment, increased productivity and higher retention of staff.

We offer consultancy on developing a strategy including carbon measurement and reporting, energy strategies, waste and water management, staff engagement and all other environmental impacts.

Carbon Reporting

All LSE quoted companies are required to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their Directors’ Report, as set out in the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013.

The Regulations require all 6 Kyoto greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion, electricity, heat, steam etc for activities under the company’s global control and needs to be calculated using a recognised methodology. It also requires a ratio(s) to express the intensity of emissions, for example per floor space or sales.

We can also advise on meeting Carbon Reduction Commitment requirements, the Carbon Disclosure Project programme and voluntary monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

All organisations with over 250 employees, or a turnover in excess of 50m euro and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43 million euro, are now required to have an energy audit in compliance with the requirements of the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme.

This is part of the 2012 EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) which targets 20% energy efficiency by 2020. Article 8 requires all member states to introduce a mandatory requirement for large enterprises to undertake energy audits every 4 years.

Lansdowne Warwick offer audits and services to enable organisations to comply with the requirements.

ISO 14001

Lansdowne Warwick successfully implement ISO 14001 systems and are an IEMA accredited Lead Auditor for environmental management and 14001 systems.

We work with clients to establish and implement an Environmental Policy and ISO 14001 systems to gain the accreditation to support business goals, demonstrate proper environmental awareness within the organisation, and offer a competitive advantage.

An accredited EMS provides a structure for identifying and evaluating the environmental and climate change risks, setting measurable targets and continually improving environmental performance. It is a process for complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and setting a framework for the sustainability strategy within the context of the organisation.

We can develop all necessary EMS documents and procedures and tailor the system to suit a particular business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lansdowne Warwick can support clients seeking to improve their corporate social responsibility aims and help them integrate these into the business.

An organisation will improve their CSR credentials through ensuring their environmental performance is improved. They may also wish to demonstrate consideration of the wider social impacts of the business and allocate funds, time and resources to improving the welfare of others and the planet through charitable initiatives.

CSR projects can be personal to various members of organisations and chosen because of the particular initiatives and aims of particular charities. As an organisation you may wish to extend your philanthropy and reach to supporting projects that are not so familiar.

Lansdowne Warwick are experienced in identifying and advising on charitable projects for organisations to partner, and to develop frameworks to deliver funds to meet the needs of the project.

We can advise on carbon offsetting projects that meet recognised standards and comply with an organisations requirements and targets for a carbon neutral or positive position.

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