Great Performance

Events and festivals can bring together large audiences for amazing experiences and memories. Large scale ones in particular can have effects on the environment which will contribute towards significant carbon footprints though if the activities are not considered at the outset.

The entire production has significant energy needs for power and lighting infrastructure. Events can result in large amounts of waste that need to be recycled and managed. Visitor, staff and contractor engagement and coordination is key.  A lot of people travel to an event venue by various means contributing typically the largest proportion of the carbon footprint.  There can be impacts on the local environments and wildlife.

The production management need to focus on the efficient smooth running of the event. LW can work alongside this and with contractors to integrate strategies to identify all the impacts, develop eco strategies to minimise these and implement monitoring of the carbon footprint to target reductions.

This can include focus on reducing emissions through:

  • power strategies
  • renewable and cleaner energy solutions,
  • recycling and waste management policies with zero landfill targets,
  • transport policies
  • ethical credentials,
  • water consumption,
  • considering wildlife and ecological factors
  • minimising pollution
  • visitor, staff and contractor engagement
  • eco friendly materials
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